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Comments from the Chairman (2015):
Subject:  Phoenix Society Membership

If you look up “phoenix” online or in the dictionary, you’ll read about a mythological bird that rises from its ashes to live again.   In the second decade of the 21st century, we have to start thinking about how to keep this process going for our own version of this phoenix….
We started in 1970 as an “internal” organization, preparing for the day we retired.  We foresaw the desire to continue socializing with former office-mates with whom we had shared so many experiences over the years.    Many retired in Maryland and, since active employees could also be members, we had a large core of local individuals from which our population base could draw.  This situation was reinforced by the old retirement system (CSRS), sometimes referred to as “golden handcuffs,” which discouraged leaving the Agency until retirement.
Because we lived very different lives compared to others who could openly discuss their “at work” activities in public, we wanted an organization where we could continue to feel comfortable interacting with former members of our own community. At the very least, we wanted a directory of individuals and their locations in the US.
Today, social media sites – like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – can provide active and timely interaction with our former coworkers.  (But our security “up-bringing” and our decades-long habit of never discussing our activities outside the workplace make it very hard for many of us to embrace social media sites and web blogs.)
And our population base has changed. In the mid-1980s, the retirement system changed to FERS, allowing employees in mid-career to come and go to and from industry or other government jobs.  In the early 1990s, we established operational nodes in Georgia, Texas, Colorado, and Hawaii, eventually allowing career Agency civilians to stay at these locations permanently to provide a continuing knowledge base.   And finally, around 2000, we saw many more contractors at the Agency fulfilling key work roles.  
Thus, our potential Phoenix Society population has become very diverse – career civilians, military, contactors, and occasional high-level employees that stay for a short period of time – and geographically separated.
Given these changes, how do we keep our Phoenix Society viable?
Of course, we’ve already made some changes.  We’ve made procedural changes so that new Phoenix Society chapters can be formed in locations other than Maryland.  The first to be formed is the Southwest Florida chapter – we found that there were common areas for large numbers of retirees, like Florida, Delaware, and Texas.  Eventually, chapters may form near operational nodes, i.e., Georgia, Colorado, and Hawaii.
          What else needs to be done?  How can we be more active in providing support or in providing ways to interact together?  Are we ready for a Facebook page, like that of the Cryptologic Museum?
         What other specific examples/methods do you suggest? We would greatly appreciate responses. And as a last comment; please pay your dues! 

Bill Black
Chairman, Phoenix Society


  “What do I get out of being a member?”

This is the question we are most frequently asked. 
Being a member of the Phoenix Society may not get you inside the double fences, but it gives you the unique opportunity to retain or regain contact with co-workers that have retired and moved to that ideal retirement area that you always thought about. We maintain an address directory both alphabetically and by city.  We also maintain a list of email addresses and a list of Agency people who have passed away.  All of these lists are updated monthly.   What is unique about these lists is that they are the only lists of personnel who have retired and became members of the Society. There is no such list for retirees who choose not to join the Society. You will also receive the POST CRYPT, our monthly Newsletter, which contains information on various subjects such as book reviews, information on travel taken by Society members and topics of general interest to include investments, heath and taxes. Members are able to take advantage of the numerous trips that are sponsored by the Phoenix Society to historic and scenic locations. Remember, retirees do not take vacations; they take ‘trips.’ We will be adding to the web site and emailing you additional information on employment and volunteer opportunities, group reunions and we are attempting to make available articles relating to the agency that are published in newspapers and magazines. These are just a few of the advantages available to members of the Phoenix Society. You will have to join to find out what other advantages are available. We look forward to receiving your application as a new member and if you are already a member, your renewal.

Tony Wheeler - Membership Chairperson for the Phoenix Society


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