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PHOENIX SOCIETY OUTREACH—Intelligence Community Events
by Judy Dye

The Phoenix Society, Inc. Outreach effort tries to help Phoenicians keep in touch with other Intelligence Community organizations whose mission or whose membership has some relationship to the Phoenix Society, Inc.. Examples of organizations are: AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association); AFIO (Association of Former Intelligence Officers);INSA (Intelligence and National Security Alliance); the retirement organizations of our foreign counterparts; the US Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association; and Freedom Through Vigilance Association (Air Force). The Phoenix Society, Inc. participates in the Intelligence Community Associations Network, an organization whose members represent organizations that support the intelligence community or intelligence community retirees. Membership in some of the organizations is open to current and retired Agency employees (AFCEA, AFIO, and INSA.)

Each organization has educational and social events such as seminars, luncheons, golf tournaments, and dinner dances throughout the year. Some of the events are for members only but many are open to the community. A large number are held in the Washington, DC area. But some are held in other parts of the country that have significant populations of active and retired military and civilian Intel Community personnel. For example AFIO has chapters in New England, Colorado, Florida and Texas. We post the announcements for some of these events on the Phoenix Society, Inc. website.

Your Phoenix Society, Inc. Board of Directors has little insight into the interest of Phoenicians in participating in Intel Community events. Therefore, we request that you let us know what kind of Community Outreach you would like the Phoenix Society, Inc. to pursue. E-mails can be sent to: Letters can be sent to the Phoenix Society, Inc. Office. We look forward to hearing from you and will report on what you tell us.
Scholarship Opportunities

College undergraduate and graduate students selected to be Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars could receive as much as $50,000 in scholarship money. Roberts, a Republican, represents Kansas in the Senate.  The ROTC-style program is the brainchild of Felix Moos, a Kansas University professor of anthropology, and is part of an effort to attract qualified candidates to the field of intelligence gathering, especially in targeted areas of the world, including Afghanistan, China, Korea and the Middle East. The program was suggested by Moos to Roberts, who shepherded the measure through Congress, which approved $4 million for the pilot project. After earning their degrees, recipients are committed to working for the CIA for 18 months for each year of scholarship they receive. Candidates for the scholarships may attend any institution and must be full-time students, U.S. citizens, and pass the same security background checks given to other CIA employees. They also must possess advanced expertise in certain regions, languages or other disciplines. (DKR)  Apply for the Pat Roberts Scholarship here.

College/Graduate Students: Earn Up to $20,000 for Overseas Study -- David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships offer generous funding to college students wishing to spend a summer, semester, or academic year overseas in areas of the world deemed critical to US national security. US Citizens Only. For
more information, please visit Information regarding David L. Boren Graduate Fellowships can be found at



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