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May 2011

This is an update on information concerning DoD Civilian Retiree ID Cards.  Many of you have already gotten your new cards.  As you know, they are a plastic, credit card- sized ID that looks like the CAC cards issued to the military and DoD employees, with the exception that the retiree cards don't have the smart card chip.  Most of you have received a card that identifies you as a Department of the Army Civilian Retiree rather than one that says DoD on it. That has to do with a finance code that is still on our records.  Remember we used to receive Department of the Army paychecks!!!  They both work so don't worry about that. 

We need to update you on the latest procedures (May 2011).

Please take your retirement Notification of Personnel Action (P3150 or SF50) and two forms of identification to a RAPIDS site near you. (You will only need your P3150 or SF50 if you want your pay grade printed on your ID Card.) Visit to find the RAPIDS location nearest you and a  "Required Documents" tab that will give you all of acceptable forms of identification you can use to obtain the DoD cards. Please note that you will not be able to use a Visitor Request to access the GH#1 RAPIDS site.

If you do NOT have a copy of the Notification of Personnel Action (P3150 or SF50), you want your pay grade printed on your card, and you retired on or after 1 January 1999, you may reqest a copy of your SF50 in writing by fax or mail to:

National Security Agency
9800 Savage Road Ste 6238
Attn: MD3 Office Manager
Ft. Meade, MD 20755-6238
(301) 688-2587 (Fax)

Please include name at time of retirement, retirement date, SSN and a return fax number or address.

If you retired before 1 January 1999, you must request your P3150 or SF50 through the procedures above, but please understand that this will take longer. The HR computer database has been updated and they can no longer access your records. They will need to request your Official Personnel File from the National Records Center to get your P3150 or SF50 for you.

For additional questions on obtaining your P3150 or SF50, call (240) 373-3610.

If by chance when you go to get your card, your name is not in the database, call Bev Orders in the Phoenix Office on 688-7859.  We will work with Security here at the Agency to get your name entered into the database.  The RAPIDS locations cannot do that for you and neither can the people at the Pentagon.

Please understand that military commanders retain the authority to restrict access to their own facilities, so while you are entitled to the card, you may find restrictions on where you can use it to access MWR activities.

For those who don't have a computer, ask a friend or relative who has one to help you or visit your local library for help accessing the sites listed above.  You can also try calling your local military base to inquire about the card and what they require to issue you one.

All the best in getting and using your ID card.




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