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Occasional Volunteer Foreign Language Help Needed
The Maryland Department of Correction, Intel Division, Jessup, Maryland occasionally receives handwritten materials in various foreign languages which need to be translated (sometimes gisting is sufficient), in order to judge whether further investigation is necessary on the part of Corrections Investigators. In almost all cases, these documents are only a couple of pages in length. So far, the languages encountered are Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Swahili, Korean and Thai.

If there are any Phoenix Society, Inc. members in the Baltimore-Washington area who would be willing to respond to occasional requests for help, they can contact Phoenix Society, Inc. member Mike Flatley at one of the following:

Home telephone: 410-465-2305

Home email:

Work telephone: 410-799-4304, X204 (part-time, leave message if no answer)

Work email:



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