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Single Volunteers - Posted August 26, 2005

Single Phoenix Society, Inc. members looking for opportunities to volunteer in the local community may be interested in checking out the website for The Single Volunteers of Baltimore/Annapolis. This organization provides volunteers to two or three events per week in return for the opportunity to socialize with other single adults.

The organization is currently comprised of approximately 1,000 single adults who desire to volunteer their time to meet community needs while having an opportunity to meet other singles of like mind. SVBA is modeled after other highly successful Single Volunteer organizations around the country, including Single Volunteers of DC (SVDC) which has over 8,500 members.

We charge no dues, have no minimum time demands, and have very few requirements. We ask that members be 18 years or older, should not be in a committed relationship, be willing to volunteer to assist at events, sign up for events of interest via email, and as early as possible, arrive at the event on time and be available to work for the entire scheduled period

The average age of our members tends to be above 30 years old, with several members beyond retirement age. Many current employees of the agency are active members in either SVBA or SVDC.

Our events range from the simplicity of entertaining children before and after a local Juvenile Diabetes walk, to the complexity of working with Arundel Habitat for Humanity refurbishing a house in Baltimore. We have events where formal attire is required, and those where an old pair of blue jeans is recommended. Each event is geared toward having social time before, during or after.

In addition to providing volunteers to local charities, The SVBA also holds social events. A group might go to dinner and a movie together, or take in a Navy football game. Recently, we have offered the opportunity for SVBAers to travel to Las Vegas for a three-night stay just for the fun of it.

The group is entirely non-profit. We have no paid staff.

All administrative chores are shared among a non-elected core group who, of course, volunteer their services. All communications are accomplished via e-mail and our web pages. To sign up for an event, all a volunteer needs to do is send a single e-mail to the volunteer team leader, who coordinates the volunteers with the organization in need.

We fill a need in the community while meeting new friends.

For further information, check out our web page at:



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